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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Follow the Light Submission

Each year there is a very prestigious surf photography contest that rewards the top up and coming surf photographer a $5,000 grant and pretty much any staff job they want in the industry. The finalist were just announced and it looks like I'm not one of the top five, which blows but is ok at the same time. I've only been shooting for less than a year (surf wise) so I'm not too disappointed..I'm going up against some of the best shooters in the world so i can't bee too hard on myself.  Next year its on, not to worry.

Fisheye Love

Had a nice swell come into Rivies last good in fact that I scratched my fisheye port after taking one to the head and getting punched to the ocean floor. Oh well, there goes $400 I dont have haha. Whatever, I'll figure out how to get another one.

I had a blast shooting with my 10-17 f4 makes my housing sooo much lighter than when i shoot with 70-200. God that things a beast. I'm really stoked on how the shots of the surfers came out when they pass by me through the face. I'm def gonna keep working on that as soon as I get my port replaced.

Masthead Girl Shoot

The guys over at Surfer have been telling me to go out and shoot girls in bikinis for the masthead page, so we go. The goal is to get an image that looks candid, as if the girl walking on the beach doesn't know you're taking a picture of her.  This photo I made ran half page in the March issue earlier this year:

So now I'm on a mission to get more of these. A lot more. Here are some shots from the last outings..the lighting hasn't been the great lately in the am, but it has its moments. Good practice regardless.

Bryce, the assistant photo editor at Surfer said they would have ran this photo if the sky hadn't been cloudy. God damn clouds.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dawn to dusk

I went out yesterday with Geoff to get some early morning shots at Salt Creek..Now before I go any further, I gotta tell you about this guy Geoff. This guy is ridiculous. Just last week he broke his toe while running down to Church, and literally two days later broke a finger...AND HE STILL RIPS. HARD. This guy was pulling into gnarly barrels alllll morning and just charging like a champ. The guy has his finger splinted up with MATCHES for the love of God.

Anyways, after getting a few shots he had to go to work, and I, well..had to edit photos. But after a few hours passed I ran into him again and we decided to go hit San O' for a little late night loving. I even got to catch a couple waves at the end bc my camera ended up dying..poor planning, great results.